GEM Execution Problem

GEM Execution Problem

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 ws> ] That's odd.  Seeing as atari Oz' top bods have been wandering around
 ws> NZ ] talking to quite a few people of late...
 ws> Where'd you get that info' from!?  There is *sort of* an Atari NZ,
 ws> but I'd be surprised if Atari bothers sending any Falcons to this
 ws> country, as with the HUGE shipping costs, the low-end machine will
 ws> end up being about $1000US over here I'd imagine! (1meg No HD).

It's amazing what you can do if you ask a few people where their boss is...

Well, the base falcon should be $999.00 australian - work that one out.

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1. GEM Execution Problem

Subject: Calling .PRGs from .PRGs
Distribution: world
Organization: Dept. of Computing & Electrical Eng., Heriot-Watt University, Scotland

I've been writing a program to time other programs, splitting the results
into program time, Gemdos time, Xbios time, etc.  The program uses GEM
and a resource file created with Wercs;  a title dialogue is displayed and
once the user has clicked the button or pressed Return, a file selector is
displayed;  from here the user can select the program s(he) wants to time.

This works correctly with TOS based programs (I've not tried a .TTP yet because
the program does not have a facility to enter a command line yet) and some GEM
based programs which use, for instance, only alert forms.  However, programs
using resource files do not work;  they display a 'resource file not found' or
such an error.

What I want to know is 'is it possible to run GEM based programs from a GEM
based program (and especially, ones with resource files)?'  I'm not sure if
this can work, because Devpac 2's 'Run Other' menu option seems to have the
same problem.

As a matter of interest, I did try loading Devpac 2 into my timer program since
its resource file is not separate on disk but actually included in the main
program file;  it actually worked but could not locate Monst 2 from the disk:
this indicates something to do with the path, but I've tried setting the path
and I've got nowhere.

I hope someone out there can help.  Thanks very much in anticipation.

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P.S.  If anybody has any ideas on how I can extend the program's options or
      other facilities which would be useful, contact me as well;  I may
      distribute the program (if it works) when (or perhaps if) it is finished:
      you may get a mention!  Thank you in anticipation.

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