Free Antic and Analog Magazines.

Free Antic and Analog Magazines.

Post by Pat L. Duran » Thu, 16 Feb 1995 22:46:30

Hi There.

I have about three years worth of old Antic and Analog magazines I would
like to give to someone.  I even have disks to go with some of the
Antic magazines.  I would prefer to give them to someone locally (i.e. the
Boston, MA area), but I would consider shipping them to you if you pay
for the postage.

Please e-mail me directly if you are interested:





I have about 45 Antic's and Analogs from the mid-80's that I'd like to
pass on to someone who will take good care of them. ;)  

I had previously posted about them several months ago, and the person who
decided to pick them up kinda delayed for two months, and is still
interested if I wait another month (etc)...but I really would just like to
get rid of them before I just chuck them into the trash.

If you live around Atlanta, you can easily pick them up.

If you don't, the local Mailboxes Etc says that shipping will be around $25.


Eli Goldberg (Home Account)
Turner Broadcasting, QA Engineer

The opinions expressed in this message are my own, and in no way represent Mindspring, Turner Broadcasting, or Jane Fonda. ;)

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