The Falcon DOES have true colour

The Falcon DOES have true colour

Post by s.smit.. » Tue, 27 Oct 1992 23:05:05

What Atari call true colour is the same as that on some souped up VGA
boards (ET4000 i think?) which is 32768 colours. Falcon can do 65536 in
one of the modes (at least).
This is pretty healthy for most graphics appliactions. It's pretty good
for raytracing etc. (5/6 bits per red/green/blue) I know a 64-shade
greyscale on VGA monitors looks ok. Besides, any inability to
reproduce a specific colour is far more likey to be caused by the
colour gamut of the monitor that those extra 2 bits per colour plane.
(i think?) however many bits you have, you are still limited by the
phosphors in the monitor to a certain range of colours. You are just
dividing that range up finer and finer...

BTW, has *anyone* actually *seen* a Falcon in the UK? Silica, Gasteiner, and
someone else (don't remember) are advertising them, but ....

Howard Jones, Dept of Physics, Imperial College, London SW7

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C'mon people... get a life!

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