FS: UK - SM124

FS: UK - SM124

Post by Andy Hewi » Fri, 04 May 2001 05:24:19

Hi-res monochrome monitor. Good condition, no screen burn.

Preferably collection from Luton. Just want to clear some space, and not
waste a good monitor that's just sitting in the loft - looking for about

Can demo if required.

May also have a couple of boxes of Atari User and Format magazines to
offer - no discs (I found a home for those) - free to collector
(especically if you buy the monitor). Again just clearing some space.


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1. FS(UK): Mega One, SM124, 40MB Harddrive

Hello All,

Now that I have everything running OK on my (new to me) Falcon.
I have decided to part with my trusty Mega 1. I would like to sell
all the hardware detailed below as one package. I can arrange
delivery anywhere in the UK, but would prefer to sell in person
so that the buyer can see the goods working and take them away
him/herself. I live in Newcastle upon Tyne.

I am looking for offers in the region of 200ukp for the whole package.


**Details Follow:

* Atari Mega ST Featuring (as if you didn't know):
separate CPU and keyboard, blitter chip, TOS 1.04,
VME expansion bus (e.g. for a graphics card).
Including original Atari mouse (though you'll have to be a real
purist to use it!)

Originally with 1MB surface mounted RAM:
upgraded with Frontier Extra RAM to 4MB.

Autoswitch Overscan hardware modification fitted. This provides up to a
704x496 resolution (if I remember correctly) when used with the SM124.
This can be switched on or off with the accompanying software. You can
create a list of programs that do not like the extended resolution and
the software automatically switches the Overscan off when you run an
incompatible program. The screen has occasionally been less stable when
running Overscan so you should consider it as an optional extra. There
are no problems at all without Overscan running. That is you should not
worry about the installation having damaged the Mega 1, it is the
Overscan itself that is faulty. I bought the Overscan from Compo shortly
before they went bust so I was unable to get it changed.

* SM124
Atari branded monochrome monitor displaying ST High (640x400):
72MHz refresh rate, very solid and stable image.

* Quantum 40MB Harddisk
Housed in Gasteiner metal case with integrated power supply and
ACSI to SCSI adapter. Plugs straight in to the DMA port on the Mega.
Currently partitioned with a 10MB boot partition (drive C:) and a
30MB data/apps partition (drive D:) for maximum cluster allocation.
Can be partitioned according to your needs - or you can do it yourself.

* Miscellaneous
SCART cable to connect to a SCART TV just in case you want to play games
or run ST Low software. The Mega (being a serious computer) does not
have a TV modulator.

Printer cable.

Extra long keyboard cable - I can't remember why I made this, but it
may come in useful if you want to see if you can read the screen from
the other side of a room.

20 blank DS/DD disks

* Software
Original System Disks

A number of Floppyshop disks of PD software.

Epic: 3D space combat game

The Killing Cloud: 3D flight sim type game (I liked this one a lot -
the closest you'll get to playing the unreleased SkyHammer for the

As I am using my commercial software with the Falcon I am not selling
it, but I assume that as readers of this newsgroup most people will
already have some kind of Atari and software to run on it.

** End of Details

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