Atari Startup and Shutdown Screens for Win

Atari Startup and Shutdown Screens for Win

Post by Richard Heldman » Tue, 03 Aug 1999 04:00:00

Has anyone seen the Win 95/Win98 Startup and Shutdown Screens depicting an
Atari 8bit?  I believe it shows a DOS 2.0S screen.  If so, could you email
it to me or provide the url where I can download it?


Rick Heldmann


1. Megafile 60 noisy startup/ shutdown

When I start up or shut down my megafile 60 it always makes and has
made a cracking/ noisy sound. After it has startup it doesn't make
this sound no longer, and works just fine.  

I wonder if anyone else has this cracking sound with their megafiles.
Perhaps, can anyone tell me what makes this sound?
Is it normal?

Thanks in advance.


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Geert Jonkheer                     Albert Heijn B.V. The Netherlands.

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