schematics for 130XE and 600XL - where to find?

schematics for 130XE and 600XL - where to find?

Post by Christopher Lan » Sat, 20 Oct 2001 05:01:26

does somebody know where to find schematics for the 600XL as well as 130XE
on the Internet? I am serching like crazy the last few days but all I was
able to find was some 800XL as well as 1040ST stuff.



1. Misterious chip on 130XE schematics

Howdy folks

My photocopy of SAMs manual for the 130XE has a small drawing of U35 on it.  
The schematics call it 14LS958.  From the looks of it (but I'm not an
electronics guy), this might be a 4 bit shift register, like the 74(LS)95.

Could I be onto something here, or.....

CU                              Mathy van Nisselroy

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