Music Studio format posted in

Music Studio format posted in

Post by la.. » Wed, 03 Oct 1990 00:01:00

        For those interested, I have posted my Music Studio file format
document in I believe it is quite accurate as I have
used it to write a Music Studio file player that plays back a MS file
as well as Music Studio does.

        <Robert Lansdale>


1. Music Studio format

Neat.  Does anybody know if that newsgroup surfaces in bitnet/arpanet?
There's some sort of 'experimental music' list, but it doesn't sound like
the same thing.  I'd like to see a midi/synth discussion on this side
of the gate...

A really useful application would be to translate the MS files into other
music file formats, such as Dr. T.  I've looked at Dr. T MRS files and the
format seems fairly straightforward.  It would be great if we could take
all the music available in Music Studio form on Compuserve and elsewhere,
convert it to Dr. T, add velocity changes and the other good stuff Dr. T
supports...  If only I had more time.

Don Rice

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