Getting to use MiNT

Getting to use MiNT

Post by Robert Jeffrey Pinel » Tue, 03 Mar 1992 01:46:55

   Hello fellow'ers!  I have heard a lot about MiNT and
am interested in using it now that I have a hard drive!  I would love to get
into some (limited) multitasking and it seems MiNT is the way to go from what
I've read here.  Also, there's an Amigoid living next door to me and I'm
sick of hearing about his multitasking (but god that flicker....)  Anyhow,
if someone could be so kind as to tell me _which_ files I need to ftp from
a.a I would be grateful.  In other words, which files do I need to get it up
and running and which files are fluff that I won't need until later.  I am
very naive about MiNT though I would love to get into it more!  Email


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s>1. I'd like to start up GEM from MiNT first off, so I can choose between
s>   and MW2, or use Uniterm.  I achieve this by not having an INIT.PRG, since
s>   GEM.PRG is no longer included in MiNT 0.95.  Should I be using the old
s>   GEM.PRG instead?  If I run it, do my environmental variables get stomped
s>   on by GEM, or will they be accessible by later shells?
You won't need GEM.PRG any more. If you have no INIT in MINT.CNF, MiNT will
start GEM. Your environment variables will be accessible by later shells.

s>   In any case, after MiNT boots GEM, I start MW2 using KSH.TOS -- and it
s>   doesn't recognize that it is a login shell -- so I have no environment.
s>   I
s>   must then manually load PROFILE.KSH and KSHRC.KSH.  Is there a better way
s>   to set this up?  Having to manually load these for each new shell is a
s>   pain!
Just put something like
     setenv ENV c:\mint\kshrc.ksh
in your MINT.CNF. KSH will load this file every time you launch it.

s>3. Where in the GNU archives on atari.archive is the startup module crt0?  I
s>   have the GNU libraries and GCC binaries, but didn't get this piece.
You need the sources for the GNU Binaries; there you will find crt0.

s>4. I'm assuming that I can use these programs without going to a MINIX file-
s>   system.  Is this still true?



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