FS: Atari ST Hardware (separatable)

FS: Atari ST Hardware (separatable)

Post by angelo john kouts » Wed, 01 Jan 1997 04:00:00

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(2)             Atari SC1224 color monitors
(2)             Atari 520ST computers  (one w/1 meg ram and one w/2.5 megs)
(2)             Atari SF354 drives (SS/DD)
(2)             Atari mice  
(1)             Atari SF314 drive (DS/DD)

also a special HD (20 meg unit) w/ a floppy drive in it

will separate and will ship COD



1. FS: Atari ST and Misc. ST hardware

Atari 1040ST - $90
 o 1 MB RAM

Atari Color Monitor - $40
 o European model - Overscan - Slightly larger then US model

Atari SC1224 B&W Monitor - $30

Atari ST Video Digitizer (Navarone) - $35
 o Plugs into the side port - Accepts Video input RCA

Atari ST Replay 4 Digitizer - $35
 o Plugs into the side port - Mono in/out RCA

Atari SF354 External 3.5" double sided disk drive - $55
 o Comes with Power supply and cable

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