**STALKER/STIK/CAB combination that works!

**STALKER/STIK/CAB combination that works!

Post by guita.. » Tue, 03 Sep 1996 04:00:00

Hi friends: You may be interested to know of a little trick I use
to connect to the Internet.

1- I use Stalker to connect to the NET (SLIP) because It will dial
up on the back ground. Stik will not do that under Geneva.

In order to use FTP or read news I first connect to the net using
the Stalker terminal and log in the regular way. After I visit
news groups and read news or do FTP I will reconnect using SLIP

Pressing Control and UNDO keys which under Stalker will mean
BREAK SIGNAL. This takes me to the first screen where I select
SLIP and after I get the IP number I type it on STIK.

So now I can use CAB/ANT_MAIL etc.

You may already know this, but It really helps me now
as I can use both without having to log off and on to
connect to SLIP.

I hope this helps, Raymond

PS. After you get the IP and type it to STICK you can save
the IP so that it is not erased by write protectin the file
CONFIG.SAV in the STIK_CFG folder. This way you will have to type
the last two numbers only :)


1. Atention CAB/STIK/ANTMail really works this way.

All of these options above make no difference anymore.. they were for
use with little utils Steve wrote for himself and the irclogs
dissapeared when irc.tos was made into a seperate program from stik.
Hope this clarifies things a little.


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