Price list

Price list

Post by FBI » Thu, 27 Jun 2002 08:08:08

We just have finished our brand new price list from Sintech for various
Software offers.It is a Excel-File but we cannot post it to this newsgroup.
So if you want to see it now, just write us an e-mail. The list will get
published at  but as some titles are rare and we have
only low quantities, it might be better to check the list now before it is

As for hardware, we are low of Atari-things, but if you are searching for
anything, just ask us.




1. 8-bit price list

I haven't seen a FAQ in the newsgroup for this so, I'd appreciate it if
you could point me to it.

Anyway, I recently acquired a bunch of 8-bit cart games from a co-worker
who also gave me his XEGS (with lightgun) and modified 400 (with real
keyboard and extra RAM!) . Is there a rarity list for Atari 8-bit
computer games? I have no intention of selling any of these, but I'm
just curious to know if any of these could be considered to be a

K-Razy Antiks
K-Razy Shootout
Boulders and Bombs
Peanut Butter Panic
Journey to the Planets
Pit Stop
Jumpman Jr. (I think. No label and it doesn't seem to work now.)
Bug Hunt (XEGS)
David's Midnight Magic (XEGS)
River Raid
Miner 2049er

And the one *I think* may be rare:

Bounty Bob Strikes Back!



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