ADVOCACY: RE: 386SX prices

ADVOCACY: RE: 386SX prices

Post by Peter Kocour » Fri, 22 Jan 1993 09:33:50

I. Barnett wrote in a message on 18 Jan 93 to All

 IB> You are saying that a 386sx is outdated? Do you mean that a
 IB> 32 bit processor that communicates only 16 bits at a time is
 IB> too slow? Gee, didn't I just describe the Falcon030's architecture?
 IB> Wake up. If you contend that the 386sx is useless, then you
 IB> have to admit that the Falcon's (and Mac IIsi, Classic II,
 IB> and LCII) are equally as useless.

Whoa! The IIsi has a full 32 bit bus, unlike the LC and LC II. After all,
the IIsi is a _real_ Mac. :-) The system runs at 20 MHz, and with a 68882
added to it (as I have) it runs fairly consistently at half the speed of a

YHS:QSI! (A slightly irate IIsi owner :-))


1. ADVOCACY: Re: 386SX prices

Nobody's been saying "buy a '386sx"...  We've been saying, "Hey, look...
With a monitor, the Falcon030 4M/65M costs as much as a Mac LC II 4M/80M
or a '486sx/25 4M/100M...  Hmmm."

The '386sx is just like the '030 in the Falcon...  A 32-bit processor
hampered by a 16-bit bus.

Chris Herborth

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