Sorry, "Asskicker" is NOT "Doom!"

Sorry, "Asskicker" is NOT "Doom!"

Post by William Kendri » Mon, 04 Aug 1997 04:00:00

I just checked out AssKicker (I had seen part of it before, I just
forgot what it was called :) )

While the graphics and effects ARE impressive, and probably
never-before-seen on the Atari 8-bit, they are barely comparable to
"Castle Wolfenstien 3D" (ID's title before "Doom")...

Four things pose problems:

(1) Still too slow! :(

(2) It's stuck in a maze; these other games have large, wide, open
    areas.  (So this game is more like "Amazing Maze" or "Maze of AGDAGON"
    than any of the "Wolf3D" or "Doom" games.) :(

(3) Where would the enemies go?  How would they move?

(4) Would you actually be able to POINT in a non-90-degree direction?

So, while I'm not denying that we're getting ever-closer to that "Doom"
for the 8-bit, I feel more needs to be done... especially in the gameplay
aspect (not just the looks and texture-mapping and lightsourcing and
stuff like that.)

Oh... did I mention I hated the music? ;)

Bill Kendrick
/|\ Software Engineer


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