** 100+ Atari 8bit/ST/IBM items (XE/PS/Mega/STE/monitors) **

** 100+ Atari 8bit/ST/IBM items (XE/PS/Mega/STE/monitors) **

Post by Christopher Williams » Tue, 28 Jul 1992 18:42:05

The following items are for sale, they are seperated by category, some
items fitting into more than one category...

                        -= Atari 8bit hardware =-
Atari 130XE computer in brand-new condition w/PS                        $90
Atari color monitor (will also work with VCR, nice sharp picture)       $75
Atari 800/XL/XE monitor cable to VCR or monitor for clear picture       $5
Atari 400/800/810/1050 9VAC power supplies (nice to have a spare)       $3
Atari XL/XE 5VDC power supplies (good to have a spare, expensive new)   $3
Atari 800/XL/XE SIO cables (connects drives, etc)                       $2
Atari Edumate light pen for the 8bit                                    $1

                -= Generic hardware/modems for any machine =-
Seagate ST157N 45MB SCSI mech (brand-new in sealed box w/1yr warranty)  $190
Practical Peripherals 2400 v32/32bis/42/42bis/MNP1-5 w/docs.  Great modem
  get the error-correction and data-compression that will work on all
  modems for a 9600-baud throughput without paying for a 9600 baud...   $125
Magnavox AnalogRGB/TTL/Comp video monitor (works with Atari/Amiga/VCR)  $125
Composite color video monitors (work as TV/VCR or for older computers)  $75
Monitor arm (big arm attaches to desk and supports up to 14" monitor       $20
Volksmodem VM520 1200 baud modem w/ST-Talk (telecomm software for ST)   $5
Practical Peripherals Mini/Laptop 1200-baud modem                       $5
Old-fashioned-style Atari joysticks (Apple/C64 also)                    $5
Fancy combat joystick with suction cups and multiple fire buttons       $5

                        -= Atari SuperSonic ST =-
Atari Mega 2 ST fully-socketed (good for hacker-type like me)           $290
Atari 68030 SST board to turn your ST into a *kickass* machine          $490
33MHz 68030 chip (barely used)                                          $190
8MB 60ns SIMMs                                                          $28 ea.
40MHz 68882 FPU to go with 68030 (never used)                           $90
** Buy the whole thing already assembled and you have one hell of an SST!
It may be expensive but its fully-loaded with top-of-the-line components
and if you add up the components its quite a good deal.                 $1190

                        -= Atari ST Hardware =-
Atari Mega ST 4 with brand-new internal 45MB SCSI drive & TOS1.4    $590
                w/o SCSI drive                                          $390
Atari Mega 2 ST fully-socketed (good for hacker-type like me) w/TOS1.4  $290
                w/4MB RAM (I have the DRAMS and its already socketed)   $340
Atari 1040STE (incredible sound...) upgraded to 4MB w/TOS 1.6           $290
1040ST FM CPU (case in good shape) w/TOS1.4 and supply                  $145
Spectre GCR w/ROMS, w/Spectre 3.0 update, System 605, Mac manuals       $390
Atari SM1224 color monitor good picture, small chip in screen           $95
Atari SM124 mono monitor in great shape                                 $75
Magnavox AnalogRGB/TTL/Comp video monitor (works with Atari/Amiga/VCR)  $125
Monitor master                                                          $15
Monitor master                                                          $15
Astra monitor master w/power plugs and power/audio buttons              $20
Seagate ST157N 45MB SCSI mech (brand-new in sealed box w/1yr warranty)  $190
Atari ST compact enclosure w/PS,fan,card and latest ICD software        $125
  I can install the Seagate in enclosure, giving you new Atari 45MB     $290
EZRam II board w/2MB RAM for 520/1040ST/FM no-solder install            $90
SF354 (SS) external drive                                               $50
SF314 (DS) external drive w/brand new mech                              $90
Syncro Xpress copies 1disk/30secs and all protected disks              
        (similar to Blitz! but no drive mods required, just plug&go)        $30
VideoKey with RF modulator lets Atari run on TV/VCR/Stereo              $30
Supra hard drive controller (SCSI->DMA with cables)                  $20
Volksmodem VM520 1200 baud modem w/ST-Talk (telecomm software for ST)   $5
520ST power supply brand-new (5VDC 3A, 12VDC .03A, -12VDC .03A)         $10
520ST power supply (5VDC .8A, 12VDC .2A)                                $5
ST monitor to Video/Audio RCA for VCR/TV/monitor                        $5
External floppy/HD PS (+5VDC@1A,-5@.1A,12@.3A) w/floppy connector       $5
ST drive cable to 34-pin floppy connector (just plug in a mech...)      $5
Atari ST Time-Saver clock saver (keyboard chip) for 520/1040ST/FM       $5
ST mouse w/pad                                                          $20
Drive Master lets you use two external drives                           $10
ST printer or modem cable                                               $5
520/1040ST fake-leather cover                                           $1

                        -= Atari ST Software/Books =-
Kings Quest IV w/docs in box                                            $10
Falcon (super F-16 simulator) w/docs in box                             $10
Populous (great graphical god-type game)                                $8
Stellar crusade (space adventure) w/docs in box                         $5
Sinbad &Throne of the Falcon (graphic RPG adventure) w/docs in box  $5
Typesetter ST (desktop publishing) w/docs in box                        $5
LDW Basic (Basic compiler) w/full docs in unopened box                  $5
Police Quest (famous Sierra adventure) w/docs                           $5
Beckemeyer Hard Disk Sentry (fix/optimize hard disks) w/docs            $5
DeathSword (also called Barbarian) very cool head-chopping game         $5
Autoduel (Car Wars) w/docs in box                                       $5
TimeLink (calander/diary/scheduler/database) w/docs in box              $5
A Day at the Races (horse betting game) w/docs in box                   $5
Trump Castle Casino gambling (good graphics) w/docs in box              $5
Universal Item Selector 3.0 (a must have)                               $5
Sundog w/docs (in my opinion, all-time best game for ST)                $5
Thunder! spelling checker w/docs                                        $2
Flash 1.6 and Shadow (background downloader) - disk only                $2
Turbo ST 1.6 - disk only                                                $2
Atari ST internals (details ports/OS/chips) book                        $5
"Programming with GFA Basic 3.0" for Atari ST book                    $2
Compute/START magazine disks free w/any ST purchase                     FREE
SupraDrive Hard Disk Utilities w/manual                                 FREE
ST Language Disk or 1st Word disk                                       FREE
Atari 1040 ST manual                                                    FREE
Atari ST BASIC Sourcebook and Tutorial                                  FREE
Atari ST Logo Sourcebook                                                FREE
Atari 1st Word w/manual                                                 FREE

                        -= Chips and RAMS =-
Phoenix 286 NEAT BIOS ROMS                                              $2
9 64K video RAMS (M37S64) to upgrade EGA card to hi-res                 $5
18 256Kx9 80ns DRAMS                                                    .75 ea.
1MBx8 100ns SIMM (Mac/Atari STE/Amiga)                                  $8
68000-8 new processor with socket (for Atari ST and others)             $2
Atari CO25912-20 MMU for Atari ST                                       $5
Atari TOS 1.2 ROMS                                                      $5
Atari CO70122 chip                                                      $1
20MHz oscillator (DIP style case)                                       $1
Apple Mac Motorola 68851-16 PMMU chip                                   $2
8 256Kx8 SIMMS (Mac/Atari/Amiga)                                        $5 ea.
8 1MBx8 60ns SIMMs (Mac/Atari/Amiga)                                    $30 ea.
33MHz 68030 chip (barely used)                                          $190
40MHz 68882 FPU to go with 68030 (never used)                           $90

                        -= Misc. other electronic stuff =-
Sony modern (super-thin) Betamax (copy protection doesnt work in Beta)  $75
  I will send 20 free blank tapes with the Betamax
My First Sony portable CD player runs off batteries/AC/car with
  built-in speaker/headphones/lineout plus no one will steal it!        $90
12VDC 2/6 amp car battery charger with nice long cables                 $5
KORG Concertmate 3500 weighted keys/touch sens/MIDI/manuals             $795
Comet pinball machine in very good condition w/manuals,parts,etc        $595

                        -= IBM Hardware =-
Elt 286 20MHz Motherboard- Ami BIOS, 1MB RAM (8MB maximum in DIP/SIP),
        NEAT chipset, 80287 FPU installed, LIM EMS4.0/Shadow built-in   $125
ATI VGA Wonderboard w/512K&mouse, handles up to 1024x768x256 will work
        in 8-bit, but faster in 16-bit, has *both* CGA/EGA/VGA ports    $80
IBM AT 200W original (never-used) power supply                          $20
External 5-1/4" full-height drive enclosure with 200W PS/fan/lights        $20
Boca IO/AT 2serial/1parallel will work as COM3/4 w/docs&disk                $10
Miniscribe 4020 20MB MFM 5-1/4" full-height hard drive                     $10
Heavy, sturdy metal PC/XT/AT Tower stand converts desktop to tower      $5
Xylex ST506(MFM)->SCSI card (identical to Adaptec 4000)                      $5
5-1/4" mounting h/w for 3-1/2" HD w/busy light and pretty cover               $5
Phoenix 286 NEAT BIOS ROMS                                              $5
9 64K video RAMS (M37S64) to upgrade EGA card to hi-res                 $5
IBM Game controller w/2 game/joystick ports                             $2

                        -= Will consider trades for =-
Ski boots mens size 13 and ladies size 9, HP Deskjet, 1MBx9 SIMMS,
1024x768x32768 VGA monitor, 386 motherboard or basic 386 system,
1.2MB 5-1/4" floppy, IBM adventure/RPG games (even old ones), Roland MT32,
Soundblaster or similar IBM sound board, CD-ROM drive (mech only preferred),
100MB+ IDE/SCSI drive, Simple radio scanner, FPU for 386 system,
Tuner/amplifier which handles both audio/video inputs and has a remote

                                -= Terms =-
You mail me check/MO or tell me to ship COD ($4 extra).  I will also
accept GeNIE Gift of Time (its easy) for items < $50.  For shipping,
figure on $5 for a number of reasonably smallish, light items.  $10 for
bigger stuff, $15 for monitors and computers.  Minimum order of $10.
You can have one of the free items with each purchase.  You may email
response to cwill...@cs.umd.edu or C.WILLIAMS06 on GeNIE or phone me
at 303-665-0614 day/night until midnight CST.  Gosh, after looking
this over I have alot more stuff than I thought!


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** 100+ Atari 8bit/ST/IBM items (XE/PS/Mega/STE/monitors) **

Post by Mike Clemmo » Wed, 29 Jul 1992 06:02:44

i have for sale the following:

130xe with memory upgraded to 360k
1050 disk drive with the happy chip
multi i/o  (half a meg)
Action Cart
Basic XE cart
Spartados X cart
Mac/65 Cart
plus many software titles that include things like MULE>

best offers only.



1. FS Atari Mega 4 STE/100 meg HD etc.

Atari Mega 4 STE with 100meg HD, B&W Monitor, Monitor Master Switch
(for switching to colour monitor)
Panasonic Printer, Emagic Notator 3.164 SL and additional software.  

$300.00 Canadian or $200 US+ shipping from Toronto, Ontario area.

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