HD help

HD help

Post by Bryan_Jones_Woodwo.. » Sat, 05 Jan 1991 02:07:23

I am going to be getting a sizable tax return and would like to find out
as much as possible about hard drive configurations.  I find that from past
experience, posting to usenet has been most effective.

I would like to know what would be the best way to go. SCSI w/the ICD
host adaptor?  What adaptor does Supra offer?  What about RLL... what
sort of interface/controller would I need for that?  MFM?  What are
advantages/disadvantages to all of these?

How do I build a HD.. do I just need the HD, case (which sometimes includes
the power supply, yes?), and host adaptor?

Help!  A novice.


1. Falcon HD Help.

Hello NG.

Some hardware gurus please explain to me what is wrong with my
I cant boot from the hardrive anymore. It doesnt matter if I use the
new 4 Gig HD with MagiC, or if I put in the old original 130 Mb,
without Magic, just the TOS system.

It does not boot from the HD.
I can still boot it with a floppy and the system sees the HD, but will
not start from it.
It is like the system does not see the HD???  Strange or what??



J?rgen Bak


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