Timing and the Atari, the saga continues

Timing and the Atari, the saga continues

Post by Mathy Van Nisselr » Thu, 03 May 2001 19:43:48

Howdy folks

I checked out my 800XE and found something new.

The 600XL, 800XL, 130XE and north-american 65XE all seem to buffer the Phase
zero clock, but not the GTIA select line.  (old knowledge)

The XEGS doesn't buffer the phase zero line, but it does buffer the GTIA selct
line.  (I discovered that some time ago)

The 800XE and probably also the european 65XE (but maybe not those 800XE's and
65XE's that use 'one bit' RAMchips (as in 64 by ONE)) buffers both the Phase
zero clock AND the GTIA select.  (that's the new thing I found out)

Anybody know more about this?
Could somebody please see/check if this has any influence on the bus timing?

Thanks in advance

CU                      Mathy van Nisselroy


1. The CD-ROM Drive Saga!!!! Continues:(

I'm still having problems connecting a CD-ROM drive to my beloved

I haven't until the last few days or so, been able to test the SCSI
device (CDR) with another hard drive; this was a power computing SCSI.
I am getting exactly the same response as I did before; Hard Drive
failing to boot and the HD structure not being recognised correctly
(760+meg of used data on a 127 or 52 meg HD!)

I have now able to try them connected to a PC, and they work in
perfect harmony with each other.

The HD's are a MiniS 127meg, using a Quantum LS127S which has internal
terminator, easily changed ID and has the parity switched via software
(or so the ICD info tells me) and the ICD software claims that parity
is disabled! The other HD is Quantum 54meg drive, fixed ID=6 and
internal terminators.

The CDR's is an Apple CD300 with a Sony 8003A machinism, easily
changed ID and no internal termination. The other mechanism that I've
tried is a Toshiba XM-3301B.

The DMA-SCSI adpators that I've used/tried are: ICD Link 2, Translator
as supplied from System Solutions with the MiniS HD and the one
supplied with the Power Computing HD.

I have also tried it on at least 7 different ST's: 2 x STE's under
1.62, 2 x STE's under 1.6, 2 x STFM under 1.2 and 1 x STFM under 1.4.

One 1.62 and both 1.6 STE's were 4 meg, the other 1.62 was tried with
all possible memory configurations. One 1.2 STFM was a 1 meg and the
other 1.2 & 1.4 are 1/2 meg's. And finally I have also tried under
2.06 on a 1.6 & a.62 STE's with 4 meg.

I have used the following HD drivers: ICD v6.5.5, HD Driver v3.1, HD
Driver 7.1 Demo, GBHD v5.02 and a German one. The CD driver tried are
Spin v34, Extendos Pro and MetaDOS 27.

I have checked for the following: clashes with ID numbers, removal of
internal terminators and soley relying on external (i.e. on the end of
the chain), also every possible combination using both internal and
external terminators. All devices work with each other with NO
problems on a PC.

Because they are working on a PC makes me believe that I've done or am

with each other, before I crack up.
Cheers! for now

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