Parallel Zip-Drive

Parallel Zip-Drive

Post by Gerald Johann Aichholz » Wed, 05 Mar 1997 04:00:00


does there exist software so that I can use a parallel zip-drive with
my Atari 1040 ST? Please answer by e-mail because I don't read this
group normally.

Thanx in advance

 at Technical University of Graz - Austria


1. Parallel ZIP drives

Hi everyone !

In the past some guys asked for a possibility to connect
parallel zip drives to their ATARIs.
Some others said, this will never be possible because of
missing control lines on ATARI's parallel interface :-(

But now I have good news for you:

In the last issue of ATARI-Inside I read that Woller & link
has developed a interface for the ROM-Port to connect those
type of ZIP drives. And should be available right now !

On the same interface you can also connect a true color
videocam (640*480 at 4frames/sec!, at lower resolutions
up to 25frames/s).

Here the address for all who are interested:

Grunewaldstrasse 9
D-10823 BERLIN


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