second mouse button - forget that: FIRST mouse button!

second mouse button - forget that: FIRST mouse button!

Post by William Kendri » Wed, 23 Jul 1997 04:00:00

No, I'm not some idiot who doesn't know how to read TRIG0... I just happen
to have a mouse with a seemingly bad first firebutton.  Anyone want to
(over e-mail, preferably) help me figure out what's wrong with it?

It seems to be a physical problem, not a wiring thing.. :(



1. second mouse button

Howdy !

While I can control my first mouse button I'm asking me how to program the  
second mouse button. I use a standard ST-Mouse and find no way to test if  
the second button is pressed or not. Any ideas? Or aren't there any  
registers like TRIG0 or TRIG1 to do so?

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