Post by Rick Flashm » Fri, 02 Mar 1990 02:18:00

I have a small problem.  I am trying to find a version of STARGEM that
works with the new BLITTER ROMS that Atari has for the MEGAS.  The older
one of course wont work, since the location in the roms that it uses has
been moved.

My previous request resulted in a responce from a MEGA2 owner who sent
me a copy that crashed with 4 bombs at bootup, so it didnt work.

(Yes, I know how to UUDECODE, and I checked the file closely)  Does anybody
have any STARTGEM working that works on new roms, or idealy on both sets
of roms?

ANY help is greatly appreciated.

Rick Flashman

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Post by Ji.. » Fri, 02 Mar 1990 04:32:00

Please post startgem.prg if it's working for Mega/New ROM,
I am looking for the program too.

Jinfu Chen



Post by Ji.. » Fri, 02 Mar 1990 23:15:00

I downloaded the STARTGEM.ARC posted in the net here. After I
uudecode and unarc it, and put it into auto folder, with a file
named STARTGEM.INF which contains a line of text like:

But it still doesn't with my Mega2! Am I doing something wrong
or the program?

Jinfu Chen



Post by Michael B. Vederm » Fri, 02 Mar 1990 05:23:00

>(Yes, I know how to UUDECODE, and I checked the file closely)  Does anybody
>have any STARTGEM working that works on new roms, or idealy on both sets
>of roms?

>Rick Flashman

>1040 N. Pleasant Street, #381, Amherst, MA  01002. (413) 549-0173

>                   R-FLASHMAN on GEnie

Hello Rick,

ATARINET indeed has a version that works with the new ROMS.
Send for it and try for yourself.

I don't know if it works witht he old roms too.  :-]


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1. New versions of click.prg, beep.prg, and play.prg available

The latest releases of these programs are available at terminator (

The drive light bug has been fixed in all three.  Additionally, all
three programs can be made to play sounds through a Hippo/Navarone
digitizer instead of the monitor speaker.  (Try putting your keyclick
through a stereo system:  POCK POCK POCK ...)

Beep and Click no longer use bits in CONTERM since this conflicts with
other programs.  Now they can be configured to use any location in
memory for the on/off flag.  They default to using location 768 decimal,
which is currently an unused interrupt vector slot.

In any case, you can move the flag to wherever you want by putting the
value in the .inf file (see the docs for more info).  I think this will
pretty much guarantee upward compatibility.

QD Play now has an option -q which prevents it from printing the little

Relevant files:
Name: Beep, version 1.1
File: atari/music/samples/beep.arc

Name: Digital Keyclick, version 1.3
File: atari/music/samples/click.arc

Name: QD Play, version 1.25
File: atari/music/samples/play.arc

Digivec has been shelved temporarily while I figure out more reliable
ways to accomplish the same tricks, and add the ability to trigger
sounds with AES and VDI events (like windows opening, etc.)  (Thanks
to Mario Dalessio for the idea.)

Please report any problems so I can fix things promptly.  (Problems?
Nah, there won't be problems.... ha!)

Thanks all,

Dave Baggett

PS> These files should show up in in a few weeks,
    since I'll be mailing them momentarily...

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