ATARI 400 52K System PLUS extras!!!

ATARI 400 52K System PLUS extras!!!

Post by Larry Benne » Thu, 19 Mar 1992 12:23:30

I have upgraded to an IBM compatible and have not used my Atari
400 for about 2 years now.  Check the list below and send me an
email message if you are interested in anything.

Larry Bennett

(513) 287-2387 (8:00-5:00 EST with 24 hr voice mail)

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HARDWARE:      ($125.00 takes all; make an offer by the piece)

  ATARI 400 computer
  Replacement Keyboard (REAL keys not membrane keys) (Triangle
  TinyTeK 52k memory upgrade (not 48k but 52k)
  R-VERTER Serial bus Modem Adapter (Advanced Interface Devices)
  MPP-1100 Parallel Printer Interface (Microbits Peripheral Products)
  Captronic 1200 Baud external modem
  BMC-BX80 (Mannesman Tally Spirit 80) Parallel Printer
  RANA 1000 Dual Density Disk Drive (RANA Systems)
  ATARI 1050 Dual Density Disk Drive with US DOUBLER chip from ICD, Inc.
  ATARI 410 Tape
  4 joysticks
  2 paddles

SOFTWARE:      ($5.00 each or $75.00 takes all)

  ATARI DOS 2.5                             (ATARI)
  SMARTDOS                                  (RANA Systems)
  SpartaDOS                                 (ICD, Inc.)
  DosXL                                     (OSS Systems)
  ATARI Basic Cartridge                     (ATARI)
  BASIC XL Cartridge                        (OSS Systems)
  ATARI Logo Cartridge                      (ATARI)
  Kyan PASCAL (programming language)        (Kyan Software)
  LightSpeed C (programming language)       (ClearStar Technology)
  SYNCALC (Spreadsheet Software)            (Synapse/Broderbund)
  SYNFILE+ (Database Software)              (Synapse/Broderbund)
  AtariWriter Cartridge (word processing)   (ATARI)
  VT100 Terminal Emulator                   (Antic Publications)
  Timewise                                  (ATARI)
  Complete Personal Accountant              (FutureHouse Systems)
  PrintShop                                 (Broderbund)
  Print Power                               (Hi  Tech Expressions)
  AwardWare                                 (Hi Tech Expressions)
  SpeedScript 3.0 (word processing)         (Compute! Publications)
  SpeedCalc (spreadsheet software)          (Compute! Publications)
  Magic Spell (spell checking software)     (Analog Publications)
  Creative Process 1.8 (outline software)   (Antic Publications)
  Analog Database (database software)       (Analog Publications)
  MultiCopy (Utility software)              (Analog Publications)
  MaxiCopy (Utility software)               (Analog Publications)
  Earnie's Magic Shapes                     (Hi Tech Expressions)
  Big Bird's Special Delivery               (Hi Tech Expressions)
  Computer Chess Cartridge                  (ATARI)
  Video Math Flash Cards Tape               (ATARI)
  States & Capitals Tape                    (ATARI)

GAMES:         ($5.00 each; $45.00 takes all)

  Star Raiders Cartridge                    (ATARI)
  Kickback Cartridge                        (Thorn EMI Video Programs)
  K-Razy Shoot-out Cartridge                (CBS Software)
  GORF Cartridge                            (Roklan Corporation)
  Video Easel Cartridge                     (ATARI)
  Centipede Cartridge                       (ATARI)
  Missile Command Cartridge                 (ATARI)
  Miner 2049er Cartridge                    (Big Five Software)
  Wizard of Wor Cartridge                   (Roklan Software)
  Submarine Commander Cartridge             (Thorn EMI Video Programs)
  Super Breakout Cartridge                  (ATARI)
  Pac-Man Cartridge                         (ATARI)
  Space Invaders Cartridge                  (ATARI)
  QIX Cartridge                             (ATARI)
  K-Razy Antics Cartridge                   (CBS Software)
  River Rescue Cartridge                    (Thorn EMI Video Programs)
  Galahad & the Holy Grail Disk             (ATARI)
  Humpty Dumpty & Jack & Jill puzzles Tape  (Thorn EMI Video Programs)
  Salmon Run Tape                           (ATARI)
  Sammy the Sea Serpent Tape                (ATARI)
  Preppie Disk
  Frogger Disk

BOOKS:         ($5.00 each; $40.00 takes all)

  6502 Assembly Language Programming        (Wiley)
  Top-Down Assembly Language Programming
       for the 6502 Personal Computer       (BYTE Books)
  Atari Basic                               (Wiley)
  Machine Language for Beginners            (Compute! Publications)
  The Second Book of Machine Language       (Compute! Publications)
  The Atari Sourcebook                      (Compute! Publications)
  De Re Atari                               (ATARI)
  Mapping the Atari                         (Compute! Publications)
  Best of Softside                          (Softside Publications)
  Atari Games                               (Compute! Publications)
  Compute!'s First Book of Atari            (Compute! Publications)
  Compute!'s Second Book of Atari           (Compute! Publications)
  Compute!'s Third Book of Atari            (Compute! Publications)

MAGAZINES:     ($1.00 each; $40.00 takes all)

  Complete set of ANALOG and ANTIC magazines.  (I might be missing two
  or three of the first issues and one or two of the last issues.)




1. Atari 400/Cardstax/Extra RAM

A few thoughts from here and there:

To upgrade an Atari 400 to 48k, contact BEST Electroncs - they've got memory
boards for about $30 I believe.  Address:

Best Electronics
 2021 The Alameda  Suite 290
 San Jose CA  95126-1127
 (408) 243-6950
 Fax (408) 243-8274

CardStax:  I'll be sending it up to UMich this week.

Extra RAM handlers for Diamond:  The linear mapping isn't really all that
good; all the software really does is provide a standardized interface for
using any RAM expansion.  All Diamond MOVE routines take a 4-byte address;
there are specific routines for swapping memory as well.


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