Oasis and N.AES/MiNT/MiNTnet?

Oasis and N.AES/MiNT/MiNTnet?

Post by Martin Byttebi » Thu, 28 Aug 1997 04:00:00


Despite some bugs in Oasis 1.35 I do love to use it. My problem is
that I can't use it online under N.AES/MiNT/MiNTnet. Oasis refuse to
After the dial command I get the following on the screen:

dialing on pp0
input line: cwait 4000 "ok"
Dial pp0 complet

What is the problem here?


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  For those of you who have succeeded at integrating N.AES and
MiNTNet/GlueSTiK, would it be possible to email me the appropriate .CNF
files for me to modify so that I can use N.AES and GlueSTiK together.  Also,
has anyone compiled MiNT to take advantage of higher speeds than 19,200
baud, and if so, is it on-line anywhere?

  I'm using a Falcon030 with a 33.6/56k modem, so the N.AES .CNF files I
need would be suitable for this computer.


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