MagiC Message Board now on MagiC Online

MagiC Message Board now on MagiC Online

Post by Bengy Collin » Sun, 28 Feb 1999 04:00:00

Hello everyone,
I have replaced the Trouble Shooting section of MagiC Online with a CAB
friendly general purpose message board. Please use it to post your questions
regarding MagiC, Anouncements about new MagiC related events/ releases,or
just MagiC Talk etc etc.  If you have a trouble you need help with, no
longer must you email me to put it on the troubleshooting page, just post it
and other can reply.
Well, I just stuck up the board about 10 minutes ago so no one has posted to
it yet, why not be the first one? :-)


MagiC Online

Please note: The huge download section is currently offline as I am having
some trouble transfering my archive to, but I have sent email to
the admin and will hopefully be 100% up + new additions very soon.


1. MagiC Online Backup Page Online

As many of you know, MagiC Online has been unreachable for the past week or
so. This is due to serious problems at and we wish them luck in
fixing whatever is wrong.

However, just because services stop does not mean that the atari
news does too :) For this reason, we have set up a back-up page of MagiC
Online, this page can now be found at

This is a full duplicate of the website with one
exception:  Although you can browse through the download bay, no file
archives can be downloaded from this location.

Other then that, The page will get updated with news and information on an
almost daily basis. Note however, that as soon as the Atari.Org services
resume, this page will go into a deep "sleep" until it is needed again.



MagiC Atari powered by nemesized Atari Falcon030.
MagiC Mac powered by Apple iMac 233

Please visit MagiC Online

//May the choices we make today be ones that we can live with tomorow//

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