MUST READ!! Ya gotta READ This!!

MUST READ!! Ya gotta READ This!!

Post by Bowlin » Fri, 30 Apr 1999 04:00:00

First of all, nothing in this newsgroup is >>must read<<!!...(sound
Hi, Ian...
I hope your MULE works for you!



1. Mac disks can be read on a pc, and then read on the Atari

I recently asked if anyone knew how I could transfer files from a 2mg
Macintosh floppy to the Atari.

I found a novel solution....

I found a small program 313kb that allows my PC to read MAC formatted
disks directly, and then save the files to hard disk.  I can access them on my
PC and easily transfer them to my Atari using 720k Atari formatted disks.

It really is very easy, and  allowed me access files from work, that I thought I
would never be able to read without, MAC or PC exchange.  and since it's
only a few files, this has proved a very quick way.

just though it might interest someone, that's if it already isn't well known.

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