little Infoline Tool for ACTION! Programmers

little Infoline Tool for ACTION! Programmers

Post by Carsten Strotman » Tue, 12 Aug 2003 23:43:50


I've published a little tool (Source and Binary) that shows some information
useful during ACTION! Programming:

# ATARI RTClock Timer Ticks
# Shift Key Status
# X/Y Screen Cursor Coordinates
# ATASCII Key-Code of last pressed key
# Interal Key-Code of last pressed key
# ACTION! Base Adress (ORG)
# ACTION! Program Code Size
# Last Sector IO Number

The Tool can be downloaded at

Have fun

Carsten Strotmann


1. A little help for a little boy

I came across this where I work and thought it was worth passing on.
I hope my fellow Atarians will forgive me for posting something totally
unrelated, but I know how connected you guys are and I think there might
be some sympathetic ears out there!

A little effort can go a long way!

"...and they told two friends, and they told two friends..."

Subject: world record
Status: R

 Read this on internal MITRE mail, thought I might pass it on........

   David is a 7 year old boy who is dying from cancer.
   Before he does, he has a dream of one day being in the Guiness Book of
   Records for the person who has had the most postcards sent to him.
   If you would like to help David achieve his dream, all you have to do is send
   a postcard to him as soon as possible.
   Send to :
              c/o Miss McWilliams
              St. Martin de Porres Infant School
              England       **DON'T FORGET TO SIGN YOUR NAME**

Paul F. Tsuchiya                The MITRE Corp.

703-883-7352                    McLean, VA 22102 USA

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