ATARI schematics on the WWW ?(was:Re: atari st schematics)

ATARI schematics on the WWW ?(was:Re: atari st schematics)

Post by Branko Badrljic » Fri, 13 Feb 1998 04:00:00

My schematics is in REALLY bad shape, so I think its beyond of power of
Second problem is minor variations between machines- with/without RF
modulator, memory
quantity and chip type (1Mx1/256Kx1/256Kx4), TOS ROMs (2 or 6), blitter,

inbuilt floppy etc.
If one would want to be pedant to the end, it would mean many very
If drawn through Tango, same schematics could be used for development
the need to transfer data in electronic format, provided that one works
Tango for DOS,
off course, and one could embrace main thing in common schematic and add

several minor ones
that would cover variations.
I see purpose of doing it only for computer mainboards as other
for example) have many variants which are very different internally.
Ooops, I have forgot about copyright problems, that would be a problem



> > I have them in printed form, but very bad shape. (used them zillion
> > times for servicing)
> > I could redraw whole thing in TANGO (PCB CAD for PC) , but that
> > take some time...
> > If nobody else offer something better, I could make a partial
drawing of
> > the part of the shematics that interests you.

> If this did not already happen:
> Hmm, how about scanning the most important schematics
> (Computer boards, Harddiscs boards etc.) and putting them on WWW ?

> I know that copyrights may be a problem...

>                                                 ME


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