STe Hardware Scrolling (again!)

STe Hardware Scrolling (again!)

Post by M Davids » Sat, 23 Jun 1990 19:39:16

Hi, I couple of days ago I described my problems getting the hardware
scrolling on my STe to work properly. But got no reply.

There must be people who have got this working! Pleeeeaaaseee, tell me
why all sorts of weird things happen with the left and right border as
soon as I set HSCROLL!

I'd be forever grateful!


1. STe Hardware Scrolling...

        Am I wrong or can your virtual screen only be about 4 times as wide
as a normal low-rez screen?  I am refering to the 'LINEWIDTH' register in
the shifter (offset $FF820F).  I believe it is an 8 bit register which means
the maximum number of 'extra words' after a scan line is 255.  In low-rez
one scan line takes 80 words.  255 / 80 = 3.1875.  I have hardware scrolling
working but I would like a larger virtual screen.

Thanks.  (I hope I didn't just violate my non-disclosure agreement)
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