Clearing the screen with MJC

Clearing the screen with MJC

Post by Michael S Barthele » Thu, 21 Jun 1990 13:14:03

If I only had a system() function call available.  <sigh>  But anyways how
do I clear the screen when using Marc Johnson C?

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                                 Mike Barthelemy


1. VT100 clear screen; Reading chars from ST screen

Tja, what is the "current cursor position" on a bitmap screen using a
proportional spaced font? Whats a Cursor anyway? :-)

The Acorn machines are very well thought about. Before sold (if sold
at all :-)

Remember: the 68000 is just twice to 3 times as fast as a 6502 (I still
love my Apple ][!) just gave me a little C program to do just that:
compare the bitmap on the screen with the ROM-Font (witch ist not
proportional :-).


PS: my inews does not understand me.

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