What was the "Ram Jammer" [revisited]

What was the "Ram Jammer" [revisited]

Post by Garet » Tue, 16 Feb 1999 04:00:00

I didn't get an answer when I posted a few months ago which suggests that it
wasn't a well known device. Anyway, here's another attempt in the hope that
this time I'll get lucky and bump in to someone who knows or at least came
across the word ;>)

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ICQ: 16909602.


1. STacy 4 sale """""""""""""""""""""""""""


All the normal things that come with a STacy, PLUS:

FOUR megs of RAM
130 meg Hard Drive
Installed and working ADspeed board ( software or hardware switchable
External Keyboard port, just plug in a Mega ST(e) Keyboard
(keyboard not included)
Extention cord for a keyboard, compute from across the room
Wired for a battery (battery included but not very good)

Cost $  Make REASONABLE Offer

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