FS/T SNES RPGs for computer games

FS/T SNES RPGs for computer games

Post by TomMa » Fri, 28 Nov 1997 04:00:00

SNES games for sale or trade:

Lufia 2 box and instructions
Final Fantasy 3 box and instructions
Final Fantasy 2 box
Tecmo Secret of the Stars box and instructions
Ultima False Prophet box and instructions
MIght and Magic 3 box and instructions
Mario RPG box and instructions
Romance of the 3 Kingdoms 4 (brand new)
Kirby's Avalanche (brand new)

Genesis Dune Battle for Arrakis box and instructions

Looking for Ultima computer games 1 and 2 for ANY computer. Also the boxed
version of the Ultima 1-6CD. Maybe Ultimas 3 and 4 for IBM if complete
originals. SNES Black Gate and Harvest Moon. Only Ultima computer games needed
at this point.



1. FT: Classic 80's Computer games (RPG's, Adventure, etc.)

I have some classic computer games for different systems available for trade.
 Ultima, Wizardry, M&M, Infocom, others.  I'm looking for Atari 2600 stuff
from my want list.  You can see my want list and trade list at my Atari 2600
Nexus site.  The computer software is at the bottom of the tradelist.


Alex Bilstein, University of Texas.
BA in Art History.

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