FA: Wizztronics memory board + 16M SIMM

1. JRI RAM+ SIMM memory upgrade board disk (or info about) wanted..

    I bought a used JRI RAM+ SIMM memory upgrade board (type C) for my
1040STf and 2 1-meg SIMMs.  I bought it used from a local guy.  Anyway,
the disk that came with it had gotten trashed somewhere along the line.  
He is gonna try and get another one for me.  In the meantime, I was
wondering if anyone out there could at least tell me what programs come
on the disk, and perhaps even UUEncode it and mail it to me.  I'm not
sure if its technically legal to do that.  I can't tell without looking
at the disk to see what restrictions are spelled out.  I doubt that
anyone should really care though.  What possible use could anyone that
didn't own a JRI board get out of it, and who would it hurt?  Anyway, any
help in E-Mail would be appreciated...

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