Porting GNU fileutils to MiNT

Porting GNU fileutils to MiNT

Post by entro » Wed, 06 Mar 1991 16:12:11

I've put a few hours work into porting some of the GNU fileutils to
MiNT.  So far I've got a (more-or-less) working cat, chmod, cp, cut,
dir, du, head, ls, mkdir, mv, rm, rmdir, tail, and vdir.  I've also
got compiled cmp, dd, ginstall, and paste but I haven't tried them yet
(I don't even know what they're for...)  

Compiling them was easy except GCC kept crashing (Bus error or illegal
instruction, both GCC 1.37 and 1.39) and there seems to be a typo in
<types.h> (in struct utimbuf, axtime instead of actime, but I'm not
sure if that was on purpose or what since I don't know what's supposed
to be there...anyone know?)  The rest of the utilities will require
more work to port than I have time for right now.  If anyone wants to
pick this up from here I'll send you what I've got so far.  I'll
probably post them when I've cleaned them up a bit but if anyone wants
them now to work on them, just let me know...

Eric and Jwahar, thanks for all your effort which made this sort of
thing possible (are you guys getting sick of me thanking you yet?)