I am selling a real nice atari 400 computer.

I am selling a real nice atari 400 computer.

Post by Greg Goodwi » Thu, 02 Mar 2000 04:00:00

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Hello there fellow Atari 400 user.  I actually broke my modified Atai 400 out a
while back and have loved it.  Got it hooked up to a local BBS service and
check E-mail and newsgroups with it, and I'm having a blast with the new SIO2PC
technology (Well, relatively new I guess).   Take it for a spin before you get
rid of it.


1. expanded ATARI 400 with real keyboard and drive forsale

Atari 400 with real keyboard, 48 K memory (I think), joysticks, disk drive,
massive amounts of software.

Any reasonable offer will be entertained.  Buyer pays shipping.

                                -Mike Traynor

(Disclaimer: How could I speak for Fermilab???)

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NN   NN DDDD    (708) 879-6095 [ans. mach.]    /// \\\   14.4Kbps modem\XX/

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