an idea for Double Click Software, regarding STe problems

an idea for Double Click Software, regarding STe problems

Post by Steve Coi » Thu, 01 Aug 1991 23:55:00

Given the number of people that seem to be having problems with the new STe
machines, how about coming up with a quick, boot-time diagnostics program, which
would simply check to make sure all devices are responding correctly, that the
CPU seems to be running okay (how, I don't know), putting a few easily disting-
uishable, recognizable sounds through the speaker, and dumping some random
pattern to the screen, using as many colors as possible.

It might also help people notice if their machines start to cop out.  Catch it
before it gets really bad I guess.

Just a thought.

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Hi all,
I've got to agree with someone's idea about a DC program of the week:
a program that will make the mouse appear or disappear with a key-combination.
Now I know that hidemouse/showmouse calls are counted, so that one showmouse
call will not undo two hidemouse calls, but it could be done one call at a
time. There are quite a lot of programs still out (although mostly old programs)
that manage to 'lose' the mouse pointer in some way, so I'd like to see a
program doing this. Are you listening Double Click?

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