Disk Labeler

Disk Labeler

Post by Joseph Charles Bossoli » Wed, 04 Mar 1992 06:20:06

I`m looking for a disk labeler for my 3 1/2" disks.  I deleted the only copy
of the one I was using previously (should've made a backup!).
I believe the name of it was LABELJRB.PRG or something similar.

I'm looking for a program that is simple to use (i.e. stick the disk in the drive,
hit a key, and out comes the label.)  The program I mentioned above does this,
it is in the public domain (i'm pretty sure), and I would appreciate it if anyone
could upload it for me, or something else that will do the same.

Oh yeah, it also must be able to read from drive B:.


Joseph C. Bossolini


1. Cassette Labeller demo posted to atari.archive

I just uploaded a demo version of the Midnight Studio cassette labeller to
atari.archive.umich.edu.  It is a fairly flexible program to generate
cassette labels.  The name of the archive file is casetdem.lzh.

                                                -- Andy


      Harvey Mudd College           ...uunet!jarthur!andy

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