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Quote:> convenience.  The Falcon has lost its ligetimacy as a general purpose
> computer.
> You know, I've gone out to buy a Mac so many times but the smarmy names

  like SUITCASE and the whole twerps in red braces and glasses image
  just puts me off. Anyway ATARI has always ensured that I earn my daily
  bread for a lot less than a MAC ( even the POWERPC ) will do. However
  my beliefs are open for change.

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1. Falcon/'040 board

Well, I rang system solutions yesterday (Saturday), and asked them
about the "afterburner" '040 board. He said they were looking at 3
different '040 boards for the Falcon at the moment (!)

I mentioned price, and he said that wasn't decided, but then I said
"Well, MAC '040 boards are around #1500 aren't they", and he said it
oughtn't be that much for the board. (He said he liked the easy way
you can upgrade the processor in the Falcon as well. Strange, I
thought it was difficult, esp. since an '040 *must* be on a 32-bit

Oh yes, he mentioned that one of the boards was based around the
Medusa system...

Still, Falcon/210Mb HD/32MHz 040/SVGA monitor/Blow-Up ought to cost
around #2300 all in (assuming '040 costs around #1000). Better deal
than the Amiga '040 at any rate :-)




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