Pooldisk Too $5 edition: get over 5000 ATR files on CD

Pooldisk Too $5 edition: get over 5000 ATR files on CD

Post by Ernest R. Schreu » Fri, 31 Dec 1999 04:00:00

Just a quick reminder:  The Pooldisk Too in a very cheap version can
still be ordered for only US $5.  This includes shipping.  If you want
it to be shipped by priority mail, add US $1.  This double CD contains
over 5000 ATR files for use with the emulators, APE, SIO2PC etc.
It is now very cheap because we ship them without jewel case, without
label, without jewel case inlay.  Just the data on two cheap CDR's.
This is a rare chance to get a load of software and information cheap!

Keep those XL's/XE's humming.

1. Pooldisk Too CD cheap edition for US $5 gets you over 5000 disks

We have been selling the Pooldisk Too since October 1998.  This is a
double CD.  One CD contains over 5000 disk images of Public Domain and
shareware etc for the Atari 8-bit series computers.  These can be used
with the various emulators, but also on a real Atari computer, with
the well known SIO2PC and APE interfaces.  The other CD contains
various pictures of Atari stuff, utilities and programs for the PC
that are related to the Atari computers, and lots of other fun stuff.
It also contains the text of Mapping the Atari.  This double CD is
now available in a very cheap version.  We obtained a spindle of
CDR's and wrote a limited set of Pooldisk Too CD's on these.
We will be selling these without jewel case, without a printed inlay
for the jewel case, without the label, and actually just the CDR's
in an envelope with a stamp.  Also, due to the fact that we recovered
our costs by now, selling the normal Pooldisks, we can cut the price
of these CD's to just a little above cost of materials.

Those that are interested can order the cheap version of the
Pooldisk Too for a mere US $5.  Since this is the lowest possible
price, shipping is also by the absolutely lowest possible rate.
If you want your CD's sent by priority mail, that will be one dollar
extra.  Note that all the shipping risc etcetera is yours.  Since the
CD's are shipped without jewel case, damage might occur.  But
shipping them with a jewel case makes the price for shipping $5,
so we would not be able to sell them so cheap then.  Also, since
there is no margin for profit here, replacing a damaged disc cannot
be considered.

Send me an E-mail if you are interested, and we will inform you
about the method of payment etcetera.  Note that we bought only
one spindle, so this offer is good while supplies last.  This offer
expires after December 31, 1999.  If you are reading this message
after this date, contact me to check whether the offer is valid.
The normal version of the Pooldisk Too is of course still available
for US $ 20.  We will be happy to answer any questions.  Send


Keep those XL's/XE's humming.


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