My Falcon

My Falcon

Post by Erling Henang » Wed, 17 Mar 1993 01:24:55

I finally got my Falcon on saturday.
Only to find out that I had also gotten one with one defect
sound channel :( :( :(
This was not a rev.4 machine (which is what is being sold now),
and it seems from previous articles posted here that this is a
recurring problem with pre-rev. 4 Falcons :(

Oh well, I just had to complain in public.
It feels (very little) better now.

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1. Falcon, falcon, falcon

I will be buying a Falcon very soon (hooray!), but what I want to know is:
When will they be officially UK released? None of the shops I've been to
even know its coming out yet!! Also, how much can I expect to pay? STF said
that the standard Falcon would be 400 pounds, but all adverts I've seen are
selling it for 500 pounds...Is this because they're imports?

Someone wrote to this group saying that alot of ST owners won't be spending
money on a Falcon, since they'll be losing the ST games...well, I'm getting
a Falcon, and I have over 100 ORIGINAL games..I'm just glad Stunt Car Racer
and Dungeon Master work!

Anyone know whether or not Oids, Microprose Grand Prix, Microprose Golf
and Dogs Of War work?


PS I will be writing games for the Falcon :)

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