Hello from The Netherlands again

Hello from The Netherlands again

Post by Bernard K » Fri, 02 Dec 1994 09:25:30

Hello Folks,

This is a little test mesage to see if this message is going to the right
INTERNET area and to see if my account is working.....

Please DON'T reply.......

Greetix from Bernard Kok


Bernard Kok                     BECO TEL (XL/XE support)

Amsterdam                       Baud   : 300 to 14.400
The Netherlands                 Phone  : +31-(0)20-6326859

-- Via Xenolink 1.90 / XenolinkUUCP 1.0


1. Hello from the Netherlands

Hello ALL,

First of ALL sorry for the test message...
But I hope you can read this...

Welll hope to hear from you in the next days or weeks.....

Greetinx from Bernard Kok (Sysop of BECO TEL)

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