Time Bandit...

Time Bandit...

Post by Ken Trembl » Sat, 30 Mar 1991 22:48:56

 In article 33676 Sean asked for help on Excalibur, a puzzle in Time Bandit
 I tried to mail some info to Sean but I'm not sure if the address worked.
 But while I'm posting ... can anybody offer some hints to level 3C of
 Guardian. There is a riddle that has to be answered , correctly of course,
 before you can advance and this has me stumped. I've been able to solve all
 the other puzzles.  Any help is appreciated.

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1. Time Bandits

Remember Time Bandits?  It is a very good quality action/adventure/shoot-em
up game that was released in the mid-80's.  I recently came across a
cheat-loader that gives infinite lives.  So the question...

Has anyone made it through the starship Enterprise look-alike?  I've
gone through the starbase, made the computer tell me the asteroid
coordinates, and managed to kill myself (the cheater didn't help here, and
I was warned twice not to do it) with the green ooze.

Have you gone farther?  Please e-mail.

Thanks in advance,

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