MIDI player

MIDI player

Post by JTKi » Wed, 18 Feb 1998 04:00:00

plays the files through the speaker, and it included C and assembly
source code! So now, together with the MIDI docs, I think I've got
enough material to start working on a MIDI player for our beloved
ATARI 8-bit computers... if I find the time (yes, I know I've promised
it REALLY LONG ago...)
That PC program, of course, plays only one channel of the 16... but
it lets you specify WHICH one. I think our ATARIs (with 4 voices)
will definitely sound much better...

          __--___          ,++----------------------====---,
 ________|_:_:___\_______ ( || \<=\======NCC-1701==== I I|/
 \______________________|  `===---------------------------'
       \__________/\\:\'\       |:|
           \__/     \\:\'\      | |
                  . /|| "-... . |_|.L\       Marco Antonio
                 -+)| =<=== ."...,-'         Checa  Funcke



1. MIDI player

Can anyone please e-mail me with details of (and where I might find) a
simple MIDI file player for the ST. All I want to do is to be able to read
a .mid file off floppy disk and play it, no editing, tempo change, etc
required. The simpler the better because I may try to use it on stage
without a monitor!?!
Please reply by email cause I don't get to read this group very often.
Many, many thanks.
Keith C

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