Mailing List (lexicor-list) info

Mailing List (lexicor-list) info

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Information about the lexicor graphics support list for those who are
interested. This is probably also of interest to people who use the
old * Series (from antic) software.



You can email to the old address to join the Lexicor-list or you can
email to:




to send Mail to the list.

!!This list is to discuss everything on or about Atari Graphics and related!!


*Information from December 1993 about LEXICOR-LIST*


*               WELCOME to the Lexicor & Graphics List             *
*               --------------------------------------         *
*               Name and Email of list are the following:      *
*                                                              *

*                                                              *
*               AT "The World" in Boston                     *


and type the following:

subscribe firstname lastname

to unsubscribe you can do the same except just do unsubscribe etc. etc., if
you need help with certain files then just type at the request:

<Product Name> request info

and information on that product will be emailed to you privately providing
we have it...a list of the products of which we have information shall
follow soon. This will at least ensure that not everbody will want to get all
the product info and are forced to get it too.


This is a new mailing list, and is meant to combine all user's on every service
may it be free or commercial in one bundle, so GENIE user's, Compuserve, cix,
maus, fido, delphi etc. all with internet connections to a general Atari
Graphics Forum...sponsored by Lexicor Software Corporation.

This mailing list is now officially opened at the 4th October 1993, many thanks
go to the staff at, the oldest public internet service in the
U.S.A. for their support.


Welcome to the Lexicor Software and general Atari Graphics
Information Mailing-List.

I welcome you all to this new mailing list which will discuss
the new graphics hard & software that is available for the old as well
as the new Atari Hardware.

Of course, Lexicor hard & software products will be discussed, as well
as other hard & soft products for Atari. It matter's not that a Lexicor
has opened this general mailing list, as the other members of
the graphics list are there to shift and talk to whatever field they
like (on and around Atari Graphics).

By Atari Hardware I mean from the old 520 STFM line, 1040 STE upto
the MEGA STE's, TT'030's and naturally Falcon'030's. I will try to
scoop up the newest information I can get, as well as I will be
relying a little on what you might dig up, and discuss about the latest
Atari Events concerning graphics around the Atari World.

But Atari Graphics goes also into the realms of general graphics
question and answer painting tools, about discussions of rendering
and raytracing techniques, and consequently about the production of
faster machines (much needed for fast raytracing) such as the TT-Clone
from GeSOFT called the "Eagle" or the Medusa both from Europe which
have 50 MHZ 68030 and/or even 68040.

Atari Graphics is also about Desktop Video, Genlocking, Desktop
Publishing, 2D or 3D Animation, rendering, raytracing, pixel painting,
drafting, there are so many of them...I could never list them all.

We might even be discussing the potential of the Jaguar as a future
external graphics tool..controlled via th Falcon as the ultimate low-
cost graphics workstation! (Optimist I am!) Future plans..and ideas
are welcomed!

I hope you enjoy this new experimental mailing list.

Have fun!!

Yat Siu
Lexicor Software Corporation Europe


1. LEXICOR and Graphics Mailing List

Hi everybody..for all of you who do care...Lexicor Software is making a
mailing list, however this mailing list should not only cover Lexicor Software
3D Graphics stuff..but also other Atari-Graphics related subjects, for people
with Graphic Cards...Animation on Atari...Paint Packages and of course any
3rd Party Graphic well as all the products that we support in the
U.S.A. eg. Outside in th U.S.A and England.

As of now..discussion can/should be on any graphics related topic with any
Atari System...16bit however..dunno much about them 8bit micros :)

Lexicor Software Products are:

Phoenix (Xenomorph-3D) U.S.A. th Object Renderer

Chronos-3D the key-frame-animator

Raystart, the raytracer

Prism Paint II, th new multi-purpose modular painting and animation package

GENESIS the fractal world builder and star effects etc.

the NOVA Graphics Boards and th SuperNOVA Graphic Boards

Cybersculpt and CAD 3D2 Studio...

ANM-Link, general q&a on rendering, raytracing etc., I think this could be
of interest...especially that the graphics software market is growing in the
Atari Falcon i.e. general market (despite the market situation).

So anyone who does wish to join...please email me at:


ps: I'm waiting for a big enough list so I can put it straight into the file.

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