Mountain Software drops GEnie Support

Mountain Software drops GEnie Support

Post by Anthony Wats » Tue, 14 Nov 1995 04:00:00

              Mountain Software drops GEnie Support
              By Anthony Watson - November 11, 1995

   It is with deep regret that as of November 18, 1995 I will be
dropping my GEnie account and will no longer be providing product
support on GEnie.

   I originally joined GEnie in June 1992, and have been a member
since that time. In recent months, I have avoided downloading files
from GEnie (I can get them faster and cheaper from the Internet),
and the feedback I've received here on GEnie has been falling
steadily. Because of these reasons, the 2400 baud limitation I am
forced to use, and the fact that GEnie is costing me more than it is
earning, I have decided to cancel my GEnie account.

   I would like to stress that Mountain Software will continue to
provide product support via the following locations:

  World Wide Web:
  Bear Cavern BBS:  (360) 573-2054  [E-mail to Anthony Watson]
  FIDO net:         Atari ST conference. [Message to Anthony Watson]

I regret any inconveniences this may cause...

  Anthony Watson
  Mountain Software

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