Adds posted earlier

Adds posted earlier

Post by Phillip Ke » Sun, 01 Mar 1992 11:24:23

This last week, I have posted for sale adds for my Atari 8-bit equipment with
my work phone number over several networks and on SEVERAL non-networking
BBSes.  The equipment is still for sale, but PLEASE DO NOT call the number
in the add.  I wasn't even thinking correctly when I did it until I got
suspended for a day for doing personal business at the work place.  2/28/92 is
the day I got suspended due to that reasoning.  If you call me at work, you
will not get in touch with me because my calls are going to be screened if they don't terminate me first.  You can
leave me e-mail on the HACE BBS at 713-458-9923 to user #38 if you have
any questions about my 8-bit equipment. I am so sorry for the inconveniences.
It was just a matter of several little mistakes of 1) Not paying attention to
the work rules, 2) Not thinking first before posting my work phone number,
and 3) doing things I'm not suppose to do.  Well, hope you understand.
Phillip Keen
PS:  For those who didn't see the add, here it is again but without the work phone number:

Atari 130XE Computer       $ 65
30 mb. hd. system with MIO $240
NEC Color Monitor          $ 40
Atari XMM801 Printer       $ 60
Atari 1050 Disk Drive      $ 65

All cables are included.  The MIO
has 256K and the SCSI/SASI hard
drive port has been repaired.  The
XMM801 printer was freight damaged
All that was damaged was the cover.
The paper knob was damaged by me
turning the paper backwords.  Both
of these can both be replaced.  The
30 megabyte hard drive system is
two seagate hard drives.  A 10 meg.
and a 20 meg.  The system boots off
the 20 megabyte one.  Due to the
repaired SCSI/SASI port, I would
prefer not to have to split up the
MIO and the hard drive, but will
consider it as a last resort.
The hard drive system includes
a working Carina II v2.5 BBS
system and quite a few other misc.
files.  Out-of-town orders the buyer
must pay shipping.
Phillip Keen