What makes the best monitor?

What makes the best monitor?

Post by Andrew Kri » Thu, 21 Jun 1990 22:39:28

I just moved recently and had to give up the 19" TV I had been using as my
800/XE monitor for the last 9 years.  Now I don't have my old system set up
all.  I'm going into XE withdrawal!  Luckily I have my ST set up to keep me
from going catatonic.

Anyway, I want to set up the old XE again, and was wondering what is the best
monitor for an XE?  Does a composite monitor give you significantly better
resolution than a TV?  I like to play games, so is bigger better (i.e. stick
with a 19" TV).  Would a 13" TV suffice?  What are the best composite
monitors currently available?  Which have the best resolution?

Any advice is greatly appreciated.
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 in a loss of vertical lock/hold.
    I put this down to having used the composite video as the sync input!
 (Vertical Sync from the ST doesn't work at all)
    The Hitachi documentation refers to "Sync (-ve)" on the pin diagram whereas
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