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"I called Data Pacific and
they said if my drives are more than 1% fast the format will not work.
My drives checked out at 304.5 rpm."

     304.5 rpm would indeed probably be a little hot.  There are two
PD disk utility files that you need so that you can find out for sure
if everything is ok.  One is SEEKS and the other is, eek, I can't
recall!  Sorry.
     At any rate, if you've found a potentiometer then adjusting that
will correct the speed, but if you are faint-hearted, I wouldn't do
it.  The pot is very sensitive and it might be tough touching it just
right to get the speed right.
     I did it a long time ago on a previous drive that I had and was
shocked as to how sensitive the pot was.


1. How do you adjust floppy drive speed?


I just got a PD speed checking program (from Snail Mail), and turned it
loose on my drive.  It reads 304.0 msec.  Is that out of range?  If it is,
can somebody tell me how one adjusts the speed?  (I have a 1040STf with the
standard internal double-sided drive.)  Thanks!

- Moshe Braner

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