Sun drops MP3 support

Sun drops MP3 support

Post by Sylvain Percha » Tue, 03 Sep 2002 18:47:30

After the latest change in the MP3 licensing terms (no more free license
for MP3 softwares distributed as freeware), Sun Microsystems decided to
drop the MP3 support from its Java Media Framework.

Sun Microsystems drops MP3 support:


JMF 2.1.1b Available, 29-Aug-02:
JMF 2.1.1b is now available for download. This release fixes a few
critical bugs [...] and removes the MP3 encoder and decoder. If and when
licensing issues can be resolved, we plan to return MP3 functionality
back to JMF.



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There has been a few rumors flying around that GFA was dropping support for the Atari.  I just spoke with John Barger of GFA Software Technologies in Salem, Mass, and he assures me that nothing could be further from the truth.  They are, in fact, about to release GFA BASIC version 3.7 for Beta testing so that should be available RSN ("real soon now").

GFA Data Media (the UK office) has worked a deal with ST FORMAT magazine to supposedly release a version of GFA BASIC on the ST FORMAT cover disk next month or the month after.  I believe this may be a slightly cut down version, perhaps with the SAVE feature disabled and of course, no compiler or documentation.  It is simply a ploy to try to increase GFA sales such as they did with GFA RAYTRACE a year or so ago (which did have the effect of greatly increasing Raytrace sales).

Just thought you GFA users might like to know the _real_ story.


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