Anyone want NEC P6/P7 driver for Ghostscript?

Anyone want NEC P6/P7 driver for Ghostscript?

Post by Stephan Neuhaus (HiWi Matte » Tue, 07 Apr 1992 19:12:34


I'm going to write a NEC P6/P7 printer driver for Ghostscript.
Does anyone else want or need one?  Maybe someone has already
written one, so that I don't have to write it myself?

Please answer by email, and please make sure thatyou send mail

is a bug in our news software.)

Have fun.

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1. gdos driver for nec p6/p22...

If I understand correctly, your complaint is that printing with GDOS takes
longer than printing without GDOS.  That's not a fault of GDOS (although
NVDI is faster); using a GDOS printer driver means you are using the
printer's bitmap graphics mode to print, rather than plain text.  Assuming
you use the same font size and a roughly equivalent font, you will be
sending at least 64 times as much data to print the letter "W" with GDOS; if
you have a 24-pin printer, you will be sending 576 times as much data.  Even
at parallel port speeds, sending this much data takes much longer.

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