Lan to serial null modem cable

Lan to serial null modem cable

Post by Bruno Kozlows » Mon, 11 Aug 1997 04:00:00

Hello dear all!

    I want to connect my Falcon Lan port to my STe Modem1 port. Which
cable do I need? Just a standard Mac modem cable (Lan <==> DB9/25), or
something like a null modem cable with 2 pins crossed? I went to a Mac
shop to ask, but they had no crossed cables and told me it doesn't exist,
and you can't link a Mac to an Atari (or PC) serial port... They seemed
astonished I could even imagine such a strange thing is possible :-|.

    BTW how can I redirect on a Falcon the AUX output to the Lan port with
progs not knowing other ports than Modem1, like NOS? And with MiNTnet I
guess I just give to pppd the parameter 'Serial2', it's the same thing,

    Please mail me the reply, I'll summarize for the newsgroup. Followups
of this message set to my mailbox.

Thanks in advance!      Bruno.

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