Arcade games on the ST

Arcade games on the ST

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> Roadblaster (singular, I believe) is indeed excellent, but then, the
> quality of the average Atari coin-op is very high.   Witness 720,
> Rolling Thunder, I Robot, Dragon Spirit, Gauntlet and Gauntlet II,
> Major Havoc, APB, et. al.

The UK software houses are very fond of arcade conversions at the moment
(some of which have actually made it to the market). I thought the
games fanatics out there might like a list of what to look out for !

Below is a list of arcade conversions either availbable now or under
development for the ST by UK software houses. I've probably left a
number of titles out, this is all from memory but I think I've got
the publishers right !

Some of the comments have been "gleaned" from various UK ST and
Games  magazines.

First the actual arcade conversions:

Title               Publisher           Notes

Roadrunner          US Gold        -    Now available in a
Indianna Jones        "            -    4 game compilation
Gauntlet              "            -
Metrocross            "            -

Rampage             Activision

Buggy boy           Elite               Getting good reviews

Road Blasters       Activision ?        Under development

Xenon               Melbourne House     ARCADE QUALITY vertical scroller

Sidewinder          Melbourne House        "      "       "       "  (easier
                                        than Xenon)

Roadwars            Melbourne House     Difficult to describe ! Good graphics
                                        Gameplay not great.

Gauntlet 2          US Gold             Just out. 4-PLAYER with adaptor.

Space Harrier       Elite               Under deleopment ? Things seem to
                                        have gone quiet on this. Early reports
                                        were interesting. 8 bit versions
                                        have been out for over a year.

Star Wars           Domark              Good conversion, maybe a little slow.

Empire Strikes Back Domark              Under development.

Return of Jedi      Domark              Under development ? For Xmas.

Rolling Thunder     US Gold ?           Just out. Competemt conversion.

Slap Fight          Ocean               Average Conversion.

Ikari Warriors      Elite               Average Conversion.

Outrun              US Gold             Good Conversion.

Bubble Bobble       Firebird            Good Conversion.

Bionic Commandos    US Gold             Under development.

Halls of Kairos     US Gold             Under development. Sold as "Desolator".

Alien Syndrome      The Edge            Status unknown ?

Darius              ??                  A company had a Darius machine on
                                        display at last years PCW show. Nothing
                                        has been mentioned since.

There's also a few original games that may be worth getting:

The Last Ninja      System 3            Under development (for a looong time!).

Return to Genesis   Firebird            Smooth horizontal, parallax, scroller.

Leathernecks        Microdeal           4 Player.

Whirlygig           Firebird            Under development. Screen shots
                                        look good.

Black Lamp          Firebird            Good platform game.

Backlash            Novagen             16 bit version of Encounter (on the
                                        8 bit and C64). Mindless blasting.
                                        Its great !

Damocles            Novagen             Under development. Sequel to Mecenary.
                                        Graphics are completely different.
                                        Gameplay ?

Captain Blood       Infogrammes         Recent release from a French company.
                                        English language version just out.
                                        Space exploration. Great graphics,
                                        good sound. Takes some time to get
                                        into it !

Carrier Command     Firebird            Wow ! Combat/war game with arcade/
                                        Flight simulator graphics. Solid
                                        filled 3-D graphics. Animation is
                                        very smooth.

Virus               Firebird            This is the game used to "sell" the
                                        Acorn Archimedes - difficult to
                                        describe. Byte carried a screen
                                        shot in a news item about the
                                        Archimedes. Reports of the conversion
                                        are very favourable.

Starglider 2        Firebird            Under development. Should be ready
                                        "soon". Firebird have started to
                                        advertise it. Graphics are solid,
                                        filled, 3-D. Should be as smooth
                                        as Carrier Command.

I have a mono monitor so have not actually got many of these games,
but I have seen and even played some of those that have been released.

Have fun !

PHONE: +44 61 737 7010
POST:  3-S, Computer Centre, Salford University, Salford, M5 4WT, U.K.


1. Arcade games on the ST

Well I guess my machine is more of a business computer than most :-).
Everyone says that they have a lot of games for their Atari.  Well I
only have 3 (plus about 4 PD ones and a few I have programmed).  The
reason I don't have too many is because I like arcade action games, not
text adventure games (which seem to be the most common type).  I would
like to see Atari (arcade games division) get together with Atari
(computer division) and program some of their arcade games for the ST.
I have played two fairly new games in the arcade by Atari, and they are
excellent.  They are Roadblasters, and Blasteroids.  These games are
very realistic in control response (at least they seem to be, I mean I
really dont know how it feels to control a spaceship shooting asteroids
:-) ).  Blasteroids is like a modern version (and much improved version)
of Asteroids.  Roadblasters is like Pole Position, except you shoot your
apponents.  These games have the most astounding resolution, sound, and
controls.  I know it would be impossible to program these games for the
2600, because it is too limited, but the ST might just have enough power
for a very good reproduction.  I hope Atari would change its mind about
not making games for the ST (after all, they
 already made a few games for the ST, and Atari is the best arcade game
manufacturer).  Oh well enough said, I just hope Atari is listening.  I
really don't see why they won't make just a few games, I don't think
that would change the way anyone feels about the computer as far as
being for games only.

Aric Friesen


Sometimes people ask, "If you knew when you bought your Atari, what you
know now, would you have bought it?

My answer is YES!YES!YES!YES!YES!YES!  I love my Atari!!!!!!

"Exterminate!  Exterminate!"--Daleks

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