Startgem for STe

Startgem for STe

Post by Ja » Fri, 07 Dec 1990 22:31:06

{ Sorry about posting this, but I lost the guy's e-mail address... }

  As you've no doubt guessed, 'startgem' doesn't work on the STe. However, if
you single click on the GEM prog you want autobooted, then select "Install
Application" from the menu bar, you can click on "Auto" and "GEM", then
  The Disk will buzz into life briefly but I don't know why - I still have to
save the desktop to install it properly.
  The one drawback is that you can only install one GEM prog as
autobooting, but this is usually all you need.
  Auto folders still work, and are executed BEFORE the Installed Application,
so you can do things like setting up a ramdisk before autobooting Neodesk.
  Hope that helps - by the way, are you using TOS 1.6 or 1.62? If you are
using 1.6 do you know the Medium Res boot trick? You don't need shellfix.prg -
if you edit your desktop.inf with any text editor, there's a line about 6
lines down with about three pairs of hex digits. If you change the last one to
03 then save the file you get instant booting into medium res! (I don't use
medium res as I've got a High res monitor, so the details might be a bit
inaccurate, but I know it works so if you have any problems, mail me)
  Hope this helps, and I hope you like your new STe. Check out the Jungle Demo
(awesome scrolling) or the Fantasia demo (Great Music) and be smug with
your friends!!!



1. Startgem on newer hardware?

        Has anyone got a program like startgem that will work on the STe?
I used to use some of the startgem spin-offs to start gulam out of the
auto folder, but now that I have upgraded machines, I am no longer able to
do that.  If someone has something out there, I would greatly appreciate
getting my hands on it.



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